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Tractor Trails

09 Apr 2014

Tractor Trails game review

Tractor Trails is a cleverly crafted, entertaining puzzler game. The challenge the player is presented with is the task of cultivating a piece of land and attempting to grow as many trees as they can.

This must be done but at the same time they must be strategic about it in order not to block their own way. There is an immense number of stages to this game and therefore make it excellent value for money.

The aim of the game is to grow as many trees as possible whilst accumulating as much corn as you can. The trees and put in the ground at the rear of a trailer and the players must use the commands in order to manoeuvre the tractor via the simple action of sweeping their finger across the screen.

Tractor Trails::by Origin8 Technologies Tractor Trails::by Origin8 Technologies Tractor Trails::by Origin8 Technologies Tractor Trails::by Origin8 Technologies

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This will send the tractor off until it reaches the end of the directions given. The logically things to do is pick the correct way in the correct order in which to plant the trees in the areas and then to accumulate as much corn as possible. The trees inevitably place themselves, so the tricky thing to achieve is not to block a path which you will need to use again. Once all the trees have been planted and there are no paths left to take then this indicates the end of the stage. For the player to get maximum points awarded on each stage they must finish it within the specific time limit given.

The tractor has to cultivate his piece of labyrinth style land so he can help the trees grow. The aim you and the tractor have to achieve is to reach the maximum bonus points awarded at the end of each stage and this is achieved by placing the largest amount of trees as possible. Hopefully, if you can fill every single space then this is even better, in the shortest time possible. Bonus points come in the form of starts and if you manage to collect all of these then you can open more stages. The commands to control the tractor are extremely simple to follow and you only need to sweep across the screen to direct where he is to go on the land to plant trees and accumulate items.

Commanding and manoeuvring the tractor is relatively simple however the challenge does begin to increase as the game progresses so you will need to pick up how to move the tractor in order to keep up as the difficulties increase. The first stages are so simple that it is hard to go wrong however the later stages will be more challenging and require more strategic thinking in order to place as many trees as you can.

The major difficulty you will encounter on each level is trying to fathom out which direction you should direct the tractor without making a mistake. If you do direct him in the wrong way then this is game over and you will have to start all over again. Therefore strategic thinking before you start is essential. If you put this together with the time limits you have to beat then this really does provide quite a challenging game where you must put your thinking cap on. You did quickly pick up on the features of the game however the more you play so you soon learn what to do. The prizes and point system awarded at the end of each level however compensates for the challenges you have to surpass.

Tractor Trail really is an entertaining challenge game which is so simply to use but with plenty of awards and compensation for the effort you have to put in. You have the choice to play this game for either a small amount of time or for as long as you like. It really is that easy to pick up and put down again and resume play whenever you like. It’s a constant fun game that will keep you entertained for hours.

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