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Treasure Beach

09 Mar 2014

Treasure Beach game review

Do you want to play another puzzle game? Puzzle games are fun, but only when they’re of good quality without any irritating bugs.

If you are looking for such a puzzle game, try out Treasure Beach. This is a game which I recently downloaded and I’ve been playing this game since then. But what’s the game all about? What’s the objective of the game?

As it can be guessed from the name, Treasure Beach is a game where you need to search for a treasure.

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There are treasures and many ancient secrets that are buried in the sand of the world of Treasure Beach and you need to find those treasures and secrets. But due to a very hot weather, you need some energy and something to drink to quench your thirst.

That’s why you need to collect some fruits while playing and make some tasty smoothies which would give you more energy to continue your search. The most exciting feature about the Treasure Beach is that it contains 20 different modes in the game.

The number is a rough estimation. There are more according to me. Each of the modes is designed to test memory, speed and reasoning skills of a game which not only adds a challenging element to the game, but also make it fun & interesting.

The difficulty level certainly increases when you keep playing and it becomes really difficult at some point and that’s where the addicting part begins. You would keep on trying and trying until you actually complete the level.

You might be thinking of what kind of age this game is for. The game is suitable for all kinds of ages, be it a 7 year old child or an adult. The user interface of the game is quite simple and it runs very smoothly, which makes it quite a preferable one for many people, especially the ones like me who hate irritating bugs and times when the game hangs.

But things like that never happened with me. Also, the game is available both on the iTunes store and the Android platform so no one needs to worry if he/she is thinking whether it would be possible for him to search a treasure on Treasure Beach or not.

You can certainly set out for your own treasure hunt even if you’ve iOS 7 for the game is specially made compatible with iOS 7 on user demands. My experience with Treasure Beach doesn’t need to be explained how it was for considering that there’s wasn’t a bad point that I mentioned a while explaining what the game is all about, it is pretty visible that I liked this game a lot.

The game is a simple puzzle game which is definitely going to give some fits to your mind’s ability to think quickly and reasonably. This is a kind of challenge which I love to answer and probably that’s why I am so deeply involved with Treasure Beach these days.

I think you should try it too. It’s actually a good one.

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