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Trivia Fight

11 Jun 2013

Trivia Fight game review

One of the great ways that an iPhone can be used is to engage in social gaming that lets you interact with your friends or random users.

This type of game play that lets you go head-to-head with other gamers locally or on the internet was introduced in a big way with the smash game Words with Friends.

Now there is a new entrant to this genre of gaming, and it is looking to be the next hot app in interactive player vs player mashups.

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Trivia Fight screenshots

The game I am talking about is called Trivia Fight, and at it's core, it is as the name suggests, a trivia game. What makes this game special, is the nice looking graphics and the ease of use, combined with an intuitive player matchup system that allows you to play locally with your friends by passing your device around the table, via Facebook using invites to play against all of your friends, or by playing against a random user on the internet.

In order to play the game, you need to sign up either with the app game server, or via Facebook. The Facebook sign up is quick and easy. It should be noted that the Trivia Fight app will request access to your Facebook friends and your information, but that is pretty much standard these days with games that are integrated with Facebook.

The Random User gaming mode and search capability is especially convenient, for those who want to get into a quick game, and may have friends who are not playing games that much on Facebook. If you have ever played a trivia game, then you will be quickly on your way to playing this game like a pro because it follows the simple pattern of player vs player, for a set number of rounds, and the winner is the one who wins the most amount of rounds in a match.

You are able to select the number of rounds in a match you want to play, and the winning results are recorded in the application so that you may share the information with all of your friends on Facebook.

Actual gameplay is traditional with questions posed to two opposing players, in a multiple choice format. Once a question is asked, both you and your opponent have a set amount of seconds for which to select your answer from a list of four multiple choice options.

It is also possible in the game to gain additional bonuses such as extra seconds to choose your answers. You have to use these bonuses wisely though as you only have a limited number of times you can use these bonuses and hints.

Individual rounds can also be setup to be played indefinitely, so if you have a good friend that you want to spend a few hours with, you can just continue to play until such time you want to quit, and your individual scores are added to your leaderboard.

I found this game to be highly entertaining, and the user interface is top notch. I highly recommend that you try this game, especially if you like games that let you play in an interactive way with other users on the internet.

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