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Waking Mars

05 Nov 2013

Waking Mars game review

The player must take charge of the central character named Dr Liang who has a rocket pack. His goes is to investigate the caves and coves of the red planet, Mars, with the assistance of his back up company.

This is not a battle game as such, but more of a game of accumulation in which the player must accumulate seeds for the wide variety of vegetation in an attempt to increase the biomass within each level in order to destroy barricade.

The aim of the Dr and his associates is to investigate the caves and vegetation they stumble across and to further uncover any puzzles they find. Whilst this game has comparisons to some other games it is unique in a sense of its own functions.

Dr Liang is the hero of the game. He is an Oriental astrobiologist who is a member of a small company of people whose responsibility it is to investigate Mars. The overall aim is to make sure the Dr manages to get away from the caves on the planet whilst at the same time uncovering puzzles inside them.

Waking Mars::by Tiger Style Waking Mars::by Tiger Style Waking Mars::by Tiger Style Waking Mars::by Tiger Style Waking Mars::by Tiger Style

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The task is performed from a secure range with the assistance of a rover and modern technology. The rover goes astray and the Dr must find it.

The player must go from cave to cave, examining the different vegetation which is found upon the way to help provide the Dr with further knowledge about them and as a result assist in progressing through the game. The vegetation responds in individual ways towards the different articles featured within the game. A simple form of vegetation found at the start of the game will show an example of this. As the game progresses the Dr will find himself searching his way through the remains of an archaic foreign community. It is at the point the excitement really picks up particularly in the last third of the game in which it expands its challenges and will with make the player crave further information in order to achieve certain goals.

Also included in the game if alien life, one particular group being called the “Zoa” who are in essence vegetation. The creators have clearly analyzed and studied background information regarding the Zoa. The vegetation has its own nutritional requirements, ph levels, susceptibilities and such like. Each vegetation helps assist the life cycle of another in some way. For example, some of the vegetation may be able to feed from the seed of another type of vegetation and such like. A cautious proportion of amounts are necessary throughout the game.

The way foreign life form must be approached is excellent and highly entertaining. The illustrations and sound effects are also equally as good. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and further complimented by the appropriate sound track which develops a desolate environment. The content of the game is so entertaining and really grasps the player’s attention.

As mentioned earlier one of the fundamental practices which must be partaken within the game at the first stage is the collection of seeds and cultivating them. As the game progresses it is up to the player to make the choice of what happens to the Zoa. There are various differed ways in which the game can be played and none of these ways are incorrect.

This is a smart game and encourages the participants to ponder on the secrets they stumble across whilst solving other mysteries surrounding the atmosphere of Mars.

The game has all the requirements of a good game, such as the fantastic story board, a stunning planet and environment, sensational sound effects all of which contribute to the amazing game play. I highly recommend this game as I fell in love with it immediately. Whatever your feelings towards it, it is certainly worth a try. 

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