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Whale Trail

21 Oct 2013

Whale Trail game review

In Whale Trail, you’ll use cave-flying mechanics – you touch the screen to raise Willow the Whale into the sky and then let go to drop him – to avoid ever-increasing numbers of dark clouds of evil.

The mechanics from this popular genre are combined with first class presentation and style to offer users of iOS a unique and highly enjoyable game experience.

Willow is trying to escape Baron von Barry, an evil old character with an insatiable appetite for whale. He’s a horrible old monster, but thankfully Willow finds that he can ride a rainbow through the skies to get away from his nemesis.

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Tapping and holding the screen makes the whale fly up, and if you continue to hold, Willow will loop around in the skies once he’s got up high enough. You need to collect the bubbles scattered throughout the sky, as these are fuel for Willow’s Whale Trail bar (which powers his flight). The evil dark clouds must be avoided, as they deplete his energy.

It’s a fun exercise, keeping Willow’s fuel and power at a good level. He loses fuel by flying, and also by bumping into the baleful clouds. There are cute little touches, like the loops, the height bursts you get from pinwheels and “frenzy mode” (gained by collecting enough stars) and these features keep you engaged enough to stay playing and striving. The game play is quite simple and lightweight, but it looks beautiful.

You’ll also notice that the bubbles top up your energy and increase your score multiplier, although you’ll lose both energy and score amplification if you get zapped by a dark cloud.

The action flows continuously and smoothly; you dodge the bad clouds, collect bubbles and stars as you travel through the seven “Kingdoms of Colour”. You’ll know you’re about to enter a new kingdom when you see a disembodied (but friendly) head that emits trails of bubbles that guide you to the new realm.

Whale Trail is easy to play – you might find that you can do without the tutorial - and you’ll be floating around like a pro after a few minutes. Although the game isn’t taxing on the brain, it is very easy on the eye. It’s bright, full of life and love, and the colours are gorgeous.

The mechanics in this game are nigh-on flawless, and when combined with brilliant style, make Whale Trail appealing to young and old alike. If you like endless runner games, or like light-hearted, good-looking games that make you feel happy, Whale Trail is for you.

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