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Word Hunt - Word Search

04 May 2013

Word Hunt - Word Search game review

Looking for a fun game that is entertaining and exercises the mind?

If so, here is one that you will enjoy. Word Hunt – Word Search is a word puzzle game created by Learning Gems. The game offers a fresh look to the classic word search games. This app features a cool steam punk graphic theme with great sound effects. The game play has three difficulty levels of word search puzzles ranging from easy, medium and hard.

The level of difficulty that you choose will determine if the amount of tiles in the grid. All of the levels are timed and letter tiles in the grid are 8 x 8 for easy, medium is 10 x 10 and hard is 12 x 12.

Word Hunt - Word Search::By Blue Fire Media Word Hunt - Word Search::By Blue Fire Media Word Hunt - Word Search::By Blue Fire Media Word Hunt - Word Search::By Blue Fire Media

Word Hunt - Word Search screenshots

You can find words in vertically, horizontally, diagonally and they can be spelled normally or the spelling of the spelling of the word can be reversed. Word Hunt – Word Search can keep you entertained for hours and hours as there are also over 50 categories for different word themes to choose from.

Categories can range from anything from biology terms, Christmas, High School Vocabulary, Musical Instruments and even less common words like the Moons of Neptune and Uranus. The wide variety of words helps to keep things interesting.

You can even try National Spelling Bee words too. The game will randomly choose selected words from each list so that you will not have the same words every time you play a category. A unique aspect of this game compared to pen and paper word search games or other apps is that you can make your own list.

This is perfect for students working on their spelling lists. It also allows you to have an unlimited amount of game categories and word lists so that you never get bored with the game. Kids also enjoy making a list with their friend’s names, their favourite athletes or something sillier like their favourite cartoon characters.

What really sets the game apart from other word search apps is the graphics. The steam punk design is really attractive and interactive. The animation includes spinning clock hands, letters falling at the end of the game and steam escaping from valves.

These graphics also come with great sound effects to complete the steam punk feel. The color scheme is dark, rich blue with black shadows. The industrial steam punk feel with its gears and gauges truly is a stunning graphical look that I have not seen in other apps of its kind.

Word Hunt – Word Search is a cross platform game meaning that the app is available to download in iTunes, Google Play, the Kindle Store and it’s also available on the Nook all at the cost of just 99 cents.

Word Hunt – Word Search was developed by Learning Gems who are a team of programmers, school teachers, artists and copywriters who are passionate about making learning fun. They make apps that are educational and exercise the mind.

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