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22 Apr 2014

Wordistic game review

Wordistic is the game which is very different from any other word game I have ever played before.

Unlike other text game, you have to chase the time and find the texts to score more points and of course to move to the next level. The game is starting with the original track of the Atlas and thus begins the game.

The main and the special feature of this game is the ability of searching the meaning of the word online with the definition as well. Thus makes your kids and you as well to learn new words as easier than ever.

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Wordistic screenshots

I am working as a lecturer in one of the reputed University. I have two sons who are studying in schools. I usually do encourage them to play some brain teasers and other text games. Yesterday, I same, then playing something and they were very much excited too.

I thought they were playing some action game and asked them to show me of what they are gaming in their iPad. It was Wordistic. I wanted to know what kind of game it is and started to check the game. Then i realized they have selected a spectacular game.

It is not only a game; moreover, there is an option of learning as well via online in this game. The funny part is, I started playing the game and my son started to argue with me to give back the device to him.

Nice game it is. Of course, this game requires the minimum is 5. 1 or any later version. And it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Obviously, I had given back the device to him. Wordistic is a very addictive and informative game which made me to download the game on my iPhone and now I have started playing it in the free hours in my college as well.

Even my colleagues have started asking about this game for their children as Wordistic is definitely a fantastic text game which I ever came across. This game is not only very famous for its concept but also for the nice graphics and the fantastic music too.

It is a very realistic game which is very much trending now in my college where I am working now among the students. It is very approachable and appreciating the fact that, the younger generation is not only concentrating for experiencing the entertainment by planning useless games like action and other arcade games, but they are also interested to indulge in the learning process while gaming too.

Wordistic is a fantastic game, and all should try playing this game at least for once. And of course, after playing it you won’t delete it from your device ever.

It consumes around 44.5 MB from my device, but apart from that, there is no problem about this game. Wordistic is a must have game.


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