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23 May 2014

Wordistic game review

Wordistic is a game produced by a game producer Mush Dev Studio.

It is a one of a kind word game featuring superb sound in the background. If you are looking for a superb word game to keep you engaged all through the game, there is no better option than Wordistic. More so, this game can help you not only to make words but also to learn words.

The various features incorporated into the game such as online word definition, word suggestions, and real time word prediction can help you to learn new words with ease as you play it.

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Wordistic screenshots

In addition, the app keeps record of the word play you made with it in weekly, daily or all time formats depending on the setting you made. The current version of the game is 1.502 and it works well on iOS 5.1 (and above) and on Android 2.2 and above.

The app can fit in well for educational purposes and can be played by people of different age.

Wordistic works in a simple and interesting way. Letters to be used in building words simply fall from the top of the screen slowly. The speed of the fall depends on the level you are playing at the given point in time.

The player has to tap on the appropriate letters as they fall to form words and the words formed should be correct. You can add more time to the clock by spelling out the word. The player must ensure that he spells the word before his time expires, otherwise he fails the level.

If the player gets the sufficient amount of points required to climb to the next level, the game will automatically move him to the next level. You can go on playing the game as long as you beat the time but mind you, the game gets tougher as your level progresses.

Wordistic is a very fun game to play. It is even made more interesting with the word powerup and time modification features. The game is very well designed, user interface is developed to be easy for the kids. What makes difference to players is the gameplay, which is great. Moreover, there is an option of learning as well via online in this game. The nice thing about the game is that its really fun to play. My kids are playing it often and compete with each other.

However, the game is second to none in terms of its game play features and a lot of other features incorporated into it. As if these features are not enough, a soft sound track plays at the background as the game goes on.

The sound track playing at the background is composed by Atlas and it is completely original. Wordistic is truly worth the play. It is a game you can play all day and will hardly get bored playing it.

You can download it today on your device to begin enjoying it.

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