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Wrestling Revolution (Pro)

05 May 2014

Wrestling Revolution (Pro) game review

As the title suggests, “Wrestling Revolution” is intent on bringing change – and that’s exactly what the game has achieved with intuitive touch-screen controls that are perfectly suited to this uniquely physical genre.

And yet if you like your wrestling “old school”, you can always switch to on-screen virtual buttons – which, along with the game’s charmingly retro 2D graphics, transport you back to the genre’s 16-bit origins.

Wrestling has never been this fun before, though, and once you see 20 characters in the ring at the same time you’ll understand that the rules have changed. Not least because you’re the one that makes the rules, as you fine tune every little thing that makes up a match – from the number of people involved to what constitutes a victory.

Wrestling Revolution (Pro)::By MDickie Wrestling Revolution (Pro)::By MDickie Wrestling Revolution (Pro)::By MDickie

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You can even design the arena and then fill it with dozens of fully interactive weapons for the wildest action a mobile device can handle. The real “revolution” is what happens behind the scenes, however, as you guide a wrestler of your own creation through an entire career.

Starting from the date you’re playing in real life, an endless schedule of “TV Tapings” and “Pay-Per-Views” rolls out in front of you. Only this job is no chore, as you enjoy facing a wide variety of opponents in all manner of different match types.

The battles are even interspersed with storylines that put them into context – ranging from threats at the beginning to quarrels about what happened in the end. It’s also possible to bump into any of the game’s 350 characters backstage and exchange words – complete with your choice of positive or negative responses that have very consequences.

The ultimate aim of the “Career” mode is to progress from the lowly wrestling school where you begin to a paid job at one of the 7 major companies featured. This is almost a game in itself as you literally negotiate the right deal and tries to get paid as much as you can with as many privileges as you feel you deserve.

Managing your finances is as important as it would be to a real wrestler, as you attempt to meet various living costs and stay above water. Those that fail to do so, or upset the boss in any other way, will discover that this seemingly endless game does have an end after all.

Wrestling Revolution’s push for touch-screen control means that everything is literally at your fingertips – including the various menus, which are as intuitive as the game itself. Every time you’re presented with a new screen, it’s fun to find out just how much you can interact with it by feeling around.

For instance, touching the wrestler’s RPG-style statistics immediately transports you to a gym where you can train them, touching your character’s portrait allows you change their appearance, and even touching a date on the calendar reveals more information about your past or future.

The game’s consistent presentation is complemented a theme provided by Sick Logic, whose iconic track “Broke” has become the soundtrack of the wrestling revolution. There are also over 40 other tracks composed by the developer himself, ensuring that wrestlers can have their own signature tune.

But if you find that music detracts from the serious business at hand, you can always tone it down to whatever volume you’re comfortable with. That level of control and attention to detail is at the core of Wrestling Revolution, and has helped to make it the definitive game for fans of the genre.

Wrestling fans now have the entire industry at their finger tips – and in the palm of their hand to boot.

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