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23 Sep 2013

Xpozer game review

How about you are given a chance to be a rocket man and you need to face the enemies that are constantly coming in your way to stop you from reaching your destination and also get more and more coins?

This is what Xposer gives you. Another lovely game by the Zilliar, this one isn’t an ordinary game. There are millions of games available in the app store but I can bet you cannot find a game like this.

From the outer look, the game looks similar to running games but in actual, it is definitely not so. Xposer is a game in which your mission is to collect maximum gems and earn points.

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There would be obstacles and enemies who would pop up just to stop you. You need to fight those enemies and kill them before they kill you. The obstacles – well, this part is the one because of which I called this game a different from others.

What do you think the obstacles would be? Would you need to jump or slip through them in order to cross them? No. the obstacles in the game are pieces of glass that have been cut in different forms such that your rocket man can pass through them only if he acquires the exact same form.

Even a slight difference in the form and you lose. When I started playing this game for the first time, I had no idea of how to cross those weird glass obstacles. But thanks to the tutorial mode of the game, I learnt how to tackle them.

I learnt how to get the rocket man in the proper shape. Well, the tutorial taught me the controls of course, the rest was up to me getting the right form. It seriously felt like I am playing a puzzle game.

Isn’t that great? A running plus puzzle game. Have you ever heard of that combination? Obviously not. Xposer also lets you change the environment of the game. You can choose city, deserts, greenery, and snow and there are many other environments that you can unlock while playing the game.

My favorite one has always been the city. I must appreciate the efforts that the development team has put in while designing the graphics especially the environment. It feels really awesome to play in such a great and well designed environment.

There are many games which allow you to change the environment in which you are playing but there are just a few games that provide you with such amazing environments to play in and Xposer is definitely one of those few available games.

If you also want to play a game that would check your concentration skills and mind skills, both at the same time, you need to download this game now. I would recommend this one to every person who looks for such games that are fun and also let you exercise your mind.

Poser is definitely on my top favorites list for this one deserves that.

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