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Zombie Block Party

22 Feb 2014

Zombie Block Party game review

If you have ever wanted to go zombie on your neighborhood, now is your chance.

A new game called Zombie Block Party has hit the iTunes App Store and is available for the Apple iPhone. Zombie Block Party is a truly intriguing game that allows you to use the GPS on your iPhone collaboratively play with other people who are in your local area, neighborhood, local bar or wherever you may be.

When you first start the application, you are allowed to create a character that you will use to rampage your virtual zombie neighborhood and eradicate the zombie menace.

Zombie Block Party::By Tinderbox Creative Zombie Block Party::By Tinderbox Creative Zombie Block Party::By Tinderbox Creative Zombie Block Party::By Tinderbox Creative

Zombie Block Party screenshots

Each character sports a different set of attire and clothing options that you can use which give you unique abilities in the game. The actual combinations possible for a tire and character set up is almost endless.

The object of the game is to kill as many zombies as possible, of course. You do this by picking out the zombies which are located in your immediate area (these are actually real people controlling their own zombies via their iPhone).

Once you pick out a zombie to attack you can use the in game attack options to kill the zombie. The more zombies you kill the more points you get, thus allowing you to rise in the rankings ladder. The GPS format of this game is pretty entertaining, I have not seen it used this way before, but it results in a highly engaging and entertaining mode of gameplay.

You can actually see the different people in your area, they appear as dots and icons within a circular radar grid. Another interesting thing about this game that struck me as unique, was that you can outfit your character with different equipment, and clothing, and gives you unique abilities to combat other zombies (actually people nearby you), to overcome their defenses and unique abilities.

Since you never know how another person has chosen to equip their zombie, the gameplay gets quite entertaining. This would be a perfect game to play while at a local bar or tavern. I can see how it would be a lot of laughs.

Gameplay was addicting and I found myself engaged while outfitting my character. In game customizations can be made by purchasing credits so that you can beef up your character with new and better zombie fighting items.

The game is free on the iTunes Store, so I highly recommend that you download it to give it a try. For a small fee, you can remove the ads in the game, and I recommend that you purchase at least a small amount of credits so that you can equip your character, and live longer.

Some of the different weapons and items you can use in the game include a baseball bat, shotgun, rifle, smoke and spoiled meat. There is also a fascinating statistics display, which shows you your total number of zombies slain, the locations nearby that you have controlled (in terms of zombie control) and the locations where you have battled zombies in the past.

I honestly think this is a fun game, and I do give it a great recommendation. It is an attractive use of the GPS in your iPhone, and a fun way to kill some time.

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