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Zombie Highway

14 Dec 2013

Zombie Highway game review

You might have thought that the zombie genre has been done to death (or should that be un-death?), but then along come developers Auxbrain with a whole new take on the walking dead. 

You are driving along a post-apocalyptic highway, picking your way through abandoned cars as you go. Your main purpose in Zombie Highway is to keep on trucking – you can only go faster.

You might not get very far, though, as marauding zombies want what all zombies want – your brains. They don’t like the fact that they’re safe in your skull, which is safe in your SUV, and are determined to pick them out. They try much harder than the shufflers in Zombieland, so be warned.

Zombie Highway::by Auxbrain Zombie Highway::by Auxbrain Zombie Highway::by Auxbrain Zombie Highway::by Auxbrain Zombie Highway::by Auxbrain

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Your rotting companions in Zombie Highway will jump onto your vehicle’s side rails as you pass by, and will try to use their superhuman strength to stop you and topple you over. You’ll face seven types of undead, from skinny weaklings to the chunkier monsters who can regenerate their health and really mess with your centre of gravity. If you have lots of zombies on one side of your SUV, you need to get the blighters off as soon as you can.

Thankfully, only four zombies can jump onto your car at any one time, but even so, the more hitchers you pick up, the easier it is to flip over. Some zombies pull at your car so it tilts in that direction, and while you’re dealing with that distraction, you have to avoid the abandoned cars and buses that litter your path.
You are a great driver, however, and you also have an arms dealer chum in the back and together you have all the tools you need to get past the walking dead. You can use the many abandoned cars to your advantage by veering near to one and wiping off your groaning passengers on the empty chassis. You’ll notice that each zombie has a health bar, and once it hits zero they’re dead – properly dead, that is. Your arms dealer friend who is riding shotgun (I’m so sorry!) also has a great arsenal that becomes unlocked as you travel through all the games. You fire your weapons by touching the corners of the screen; if a zombie is on the right hand side of your car, tapping the top right of the screen will fire a weapon at it.

Zombie Highway has an engaging, straightforward formula that makes it fun and gratifying. It can be quite challenging, though, as these zombies are really aggressive and the physics of the car are brilliant – don’t try to steer out of a lean by driving in the other direction, as it’ll only tip you further.
As you travel further in the game, you’ll be faced with more and more obstacles. Eventually you’ll be fending and scraping off zombies, dodging cars and roadblocks and trying to stay upright while two-wheeling backwards and forwards. It’s a really good experience, and could have been taken straight from a classic zombie apocalypse film, so this is why I’m urging you to buy this game.

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