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Zombie Master

18 Feb 2014

Zombie Master game review

From the studios of Castle Master 3D, the alphaCloud release yet another fantastic thriller for its users.

This master work is a solid game which will surely satisfy your appetite for zombies and human brains. Overall, the game is a mix of shooting and strategy genre. However, if you have ever played StarCraft or Gears of War you should get your hands on this brilliant game as soon as you can.

Basically, one can say that this game is the mixture of these two games, other than that it also has several new and hot features. The plot of the game is similar to several apocalyptic movies.

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Your will find your character in a future, not very distant from now, where a virus of an unknown origin has devastated human race and turned them into mindless freaks, Zombies! While the living dead roam around in the streets the humanity has gathered up a special squad which goes by the title “Zombie Master”. The main character of this game is a female and leader of this special squad.

The way to play this game is to collect minerals and resources, train soldiers and build several buildings. You will also have to upgrade certain stuff as you play. There are multiple playing modes in which you can kill zombies using special and cool weapons like shotguns, flash bombs, grenades, etc.

Whether you choose to play against time in time attack mode or you decide to go for diffusing some bombs, better yet why not rescue your fellow squadrons. As your game progresses the zombies get harder to beat and therefore you will be required to upgrade your weapons and attain the firepower required to kill those brain eaters.

As one can do something good two can do it even better, you have the choice to train your fellow fighters or build defensive buildings and structures for your aid in the war. The graphics of this game are simply superb and fully compliment the features and gameplay of this marvelous game.

Although snipers and big blasts are one of the major attractions of the game but what makes this game stand out from the rest are its magnificent actions and mind boggling strategies. Other than that, one more aspect that separates this game from the lot is that this is a 3D fps and as you play this beauty of a game, you will surely appreciate the visual effects and sounds.

So whether sniper rifles is your poison or is it just the blood and gore that gets your meter up and running, this came will truly be a dream come true for you. So brainstorm a little and figure out unique and effective strategies which will aid you in the war to save the world.

To sum up, one can say that whatever you choose to do, the game is built in such a manner that guarantees satisfaction and pure entertainment. To top all of that off and the very best thing about this spectacular game is that it can be downloaded freely form the apple App Store.

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