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Last Match game review

If you really want to pass the time playing a truly fun game, that is easy to play and offers enough challenge to keep you coming back for more, then you really need to try out a new game that is available for the iPhone called Last Match.

The game premise is quite uncomplicated, but also quite addictive.

Iron Run game review

If you are looking for some good fun with a racing adventure game, then a new offering on the iTunes store called Iron Run may be just for you.

This is a game filled with action packed adventure that will challenge your iPhone and iPad game playing abilities. Your mech will continue to run through the maze world along a roadway that presents these obstacles every few seconds.



Singapore, Singapore - SwagSoft, a leading iOS applications developer, is excited to announce the launch of Pop Rocks World HD – Music RPG Game onto the App Store.

Compatible with the iPad, this wildly inventive new role playing music adventure challenges gamers to go from unknown zero to global music superstar!

Mega Bee HD game review

Mega Bee, is an arcade/adventure game in which you use your finger to control Busy, the bee who has been tasked to fly through the stages in order to rescue Princess Bee from Dragon Island!

The gameplay is very simple and the content is suitable even for young children, although youngsters may find the concept hard to grasp.


DragonWarz game review

Clansmen, get your gear on and be ready to fight, because the Dark Lord is coming and he has no mercy.

A new game for the iPhone, called DragonWarz pitches you against hordes of demonic warriors with only one thing on their mind, and that is to defeat your armies through 10 engaging levels of gameplay.

Puzzle Lab game review

When it comes to games on the iTunes App Store, one of my favorite genre of the games available for download, are the puzzle games.

Partly this is because I have a long commute each day, and partly because I enjoy the activity of figuring out the puzzle. So it is always gratifying, when I run across a game that I can truly say is both enjoyable and challenging and at the same time a excellent time killer.


Gun Club Online game review

If you like guns, then you're going to want to check out a new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, which will allow you to try out some of the most famous and popular guns of the world.

The new app called "Gun Club Online", is designed with authenticity and realism, and allows the gun owner to take their new weapons out on to the shooting range and test out the weapons, without any of the real carnage of course.

Mobile Casino and Mobile Slots

What's more exciting than playing online casino games from your favorite chair at home?

Being able to access those amazing games from anywhere and at anytime you want them! Mobile casino and mobile slots options let online casino goers enjoy these same games that they've been loving for years even while they're out and about.


Spectral Souls game review

Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires is a tactical role playing game designed for all of the latest Apple technology.

It is set in a fantasy world called Neverland, where humans and demons both exist. Wars have been fought for many years between both species, with varying results.

World of Cheese HD - Christmas Edition - Great Puzzle Adventure For Kids and the Whole Family - Free Download game review

Are you looking for a new fun filled game play this holiday season?

An entertaining, interesting and funny game- if that’s what you want then do try out World of Cheese. This is an amazing game which is being loved by people all over the globe. So what’s it all about? Mr. Mousey who is a proud and responsible member of a big mice family is in trouble.


 Prehistoric Park Builder - FREE Theme Park Simulator In The Stone Age game review

Would you like to play a theme park simulator game set up in a complete prehistoric era?

I have always loved playing such strategy games whose aim is to build up a business empire. Prehistoric Park Builder is one such awesome game which I have played till now. In this game, you would be required to build a theme park and make yourself an amusement tycoon. There are many games like these in the market. Aren’t they?

Throw Em Balls game review

Throw Em Balls is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It is a game that combines accuracy, hand-eye coordination and sports into an annoyingly addictive, extremely interesting and very enjoyable application. The basic idea of the game is to score as many points as possible. This is achieved by throwing the different types of balls into the correct goals. More points are scored for getting direct hits.


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