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Memory Battle game review

Memory Battle is an exciting matching game that is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by matching two cards with the same images on them. The cards are turned face down at the start of the game and in a completely random order. The user has to select two cards and try to match them together. If the user guess’s correctly they receive another turn.

SuperPower - World at War game review

SuperPower – World at War is a real time multiplayer online game that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch it requires iOS version 4. 3 or later.

The aim of the game is to become one of the highest superpowers in the world and to dominate all of the other players with an unstoppable army.


Motoheroz game review

Racing games are a blast to play no matter what platform they are released on, and MotoHeroz is no exception. Published by Ubisoft, it isn’t however just another racing game.

While yes, the primary goal of the game is to win the races, players go through the levels on the lookout for treasure chests that are hidden throughout the levels, as well as coins that present themselves too.

Ravenmark Scourge of Estillion game review

In Ravenmark you play as the commander of the Empire of Estellion’s forces. The game takes place on a planet called Eclisse. The world looks like a cross between Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe.

The troops you control are largely based upon the Roman legions of old. The empire is under attack by mystics and internal political turmoil, and your goal as the commander is to defend it.


Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions game review

In Final Fantasy Tactics you will manage a group of characters that fight for you in a turn based strategy game setting. At the beginning of each battle, you will be given time to customize your party, giving them the right equipment and skills to complete the task and win the battle.

The game was originally released in the late 1990’s for the PlayStation 1, and was meant to be a more strategy intensive take on the popular RPG franchise.  In the game you will battle in the land of Ivalice, as a young knight that gets caught in the middle of war, tragedy and conspiracy.

Sam and Max - Beyond time and space-Episode 1 game review

Telltale Games developers have released the newest chapter of their famous games on IOS.  Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space-Episode 1 ‘Ice Station Santa’ is the first of five episodes in this engaging adventure.

Get together with these two marvelous freelancer detectives, with their own brand of criminal justice. These two detectives fight crime, and catch bad guys, interrogate suspects, all this without a permit.


Avernum Escape From the Pit HD game review

Spiderweb Software have created a game here reverting back in time to the genre of old school games that once were when RPG’s did not guide you step by step through game play.

This game is a complete saga which submerges you deeply into game play. This captivating game is very typical of previous infamous traditional games and is a must for all RPG enthusiasts.

Dodonpachi Blissful Death game review

Dodonpachi Blissful Death is a nice spaceship made for gamers who are not afraid to play a real shooting game. For those who have never played a game of this type they are in form a major experience.

The ship is guided with a single fingertip, this can be done by either tapping or dragging the craft around the screen, or just place your finger around the off screen area.


Zombie Highway game review

You might have thought that the zombie genre has been done to death (or should that be un-death?), but then along come developers Auxbrain with a whole new take on the walking dead. 

You are driving along a post-apocalyptic highway, picking your way through abandoned cars as you go. Your main purpose in Zombie Highway is to keep on trucking – you can only go faster.

Tiny Wings game review

Tiny Wings is all about a bird who is desperate to fly, and plans to spend his entire day trying. Because of his small wings, though, he will spend most of his time sliding across the ground, but if you can give him enough momentum, he’ll fly for short distances before coming back to earth.

You help him to fly by tapping the screen to make his wings tuck in for his dives, and let go of the screen to make his little wings flap. 


Army of Darkness game review

In Army of Darkness Defense you play Ash, who is the protagonist in the film. You move around your environment by touching either the left or right hand side of the screen so that you can attack the oncoming hordes of enemies that are after the Necronomicon – the all-powerful book of the dead.

If these baddies get the book, it’s the end of all life as we know it, so you have to keep it safe.

Ziggurat game review

Ziggurat is different from almost all other iPhone games. It looks familiar and simple to start with, though. You’re stood at the top of a ziggurat – a stepped, Aztec-style pyramid – and you have to shoot down marauding aliens until they eventually win.

And they will always win. So far so samey, until you actually start playing Ziggurat. The difference is in the fine details, and they do make a big difference. For a start, there are no action buttons displayed on screen, and there’s no score visible until the end of a game.


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