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Raid Leader game review

The game is about saving a princess from King Belfanof, who has taken over Eldentir. The characters have to fight through a land of evil that needs to be cleansed.

Your task is to go through the game with a team of 3 characters (Knight, Hunter, and Priest) against a series of bosses; each character has his own strength and weaknesses, which you have to consider in order to succeed in killing the 15 bosses.

iBomber game review

There are plenty of tower defense games on iOS, but only a few stand out above the rest and are actually worth spending any time one. Chillingo seems to have risen to the position of king of this genre, and it has excelled itself once more with iBomber Defense Pacific.

If you enjoy placing turrets in strategic locations to quell increasingly challenging waves of enemies, then you’ll love this game.


Karza Football Manager 2013 game review

This is a truly great game by the creators Karza game.

The graphics are not the best thing I have seen on the market at the minute but to be fair that is not important as this is not what this app is about. Your job as the player is to take the role of a football team manager and try to bring them to success. There is a lot of detail to this game and the manager has a lot of jobs to do.

Beat Snake Bandit game review

Simogo’s new game Beat Snake Bandit keeps up with unique features like great visuals, good music, what you experienced already with The Bumpy Road game.

In order to initiate the bandit’s movement you need to tap the screen while the music plays. The bandit will move always in a forward direction, and if you want to make any further movements, like turning around, he needs an obstacle to bump into.


Jetpack Joyride game review

In the game Jetpack Joyride, you play Barry Steakfries, and you have just broken into a secret laboratory to steal a special jetpack. And you spend the rest of the game trying to escape this laboratory using the jetpack that you stole.

This is one of the many endless runner games that have made their way into the App store in the last little while. In this type of game the mechanics are often repeated and re-used, as it is somewhat difficult to completely re-invent the wheel, and one little miss-step from the development team can send the whole game down the drain.

Lume game review

Lume would definitely fall into the point and click adventure category of games. You play as Lumi, a character trying to figure out what happened to her grandfather.

What’s great about the game is that it doesn’t tell you what items you can pick up or tap on to work on a puzzle, there are visual clues but you’re going to have to really rely on trial and error to get you through the game.


Train Titans game review

Train Titans is a very simple game to play – on the surface of things. You have to guide trains of different colours into matching depots while making sure they avoid other trains on the track system.

You do this by laying out tracks in the most appropriate way, with bridges, switch tracks and suchlike. There are lots of power-ups, special buildings and obstacles, but the basic premise of getting your trains into the right depots is always the same.

Cavorite 2 game review

Dr. Cavor escaped from his captors and headed home. Unfortunately he almost immediately ran out of fuel and crash landed. Now the hapless scientist with the dodgy memory is on a mission to collect special crystals to refuel his ship and return to Earth.

Cavorite 2 sticks so closely to the action puzzle formula in the previous game that you might describe it as a 63-level continuation. If you enjoyed the first Cavorite, you’re in for a treat.


Fireball SE game review

Fireball SE is a game in which the player has to navigate around avoiding large groups of opposition in an open stadium. The only difficulty is the player can’t fire. Alternatively, the player must lead the opposition to their death by way of explosions.

The game initially was a small after thought for a larger arcade game, however, here, the game has been filled out much more with extra features such as new rules and regulations, levels, accomplishments and score methods.

Bug Princess game review

Enormous bugs called the Koju are assaulting the town of Utakata tirelessly. In a determined manner in an attempt to put an end to the attacks the queen’s son who is known by the name of Aki goes deep into the woods to try and find the chief of the Koju’s.

The assault on the town suddenly comes to an end but Aki is not seen again. In an attempt to find him Princess Rico from a neighbouring village also goes deep into the woods in order to search for him.


Burble game review

Some of the most famous games to ever hit markets are word games.

Even after the year's scramble is considered a legend and I am always interested to play new word games. Thus I came across the game called Burble which is designed for iPhone users. It can typically be used with all Apple company products. Do you want to play a fun and easy going word game which can help relieve tension?

Lightopus game review

One could definitely classify Lightopus as an arcade game. What is slightly genre bending about this title is the elements the developers focused on when they created it.

Item collection, indirect combat and especially the environments you find yourself in where all key features that a lot of effort was poured into. What’s incredibly important is that the game succeeds in addressing all those aspects, especially when referring to the graphics and visuals, they are incredible.


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