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Mighty Fin game review

The power behind the IOS gaming platform is undoubtedly its touch screen controls. All of the controls for any game need to be accessible through a touch screen, so its forced developers to rethink the way they lay out controls and many of these developers have opted for extremely simple touch controls as a consequence.

For some games, it has done more harm than good, but in others, it has made it a fun experience, and one of those games would definitely be Mighty Fin.

Ice Gold Run game review

Bored out of mind, I was looking for something to occupy myself as I was thinking about ways to spend this weekend.

Addicted to ice in any form, I couldn’t say no to ‘Ice Gold Run’. So I did what any normal human would do with looking at the new app- I downloaded it. The downloading part was pretty simple and the fact that it was an ‘I’ app was good enough for me anytime. The point of the game is to accumulate coins.


Gridrunner game review

For many of us, the fondest memories of our childhoods where playing video games, and contrary to popular belief, the systems of the past where nowhere near as advanced as they are today.

But it is still great to see an old classic re-worked and released on a new platform, with all the advancements that inherently come with it. The new Gridrunner is presented as a vertical shooter, basically the classic game turned on its side.

Paper Monsters game review

This is a new platform game released by Crescent Moon games. The content of the game is straight forward and easy to follow albeit very entertaining and easy to use.

The player commands a happy hero created from paper who dashes around and leaps the way through the various stages of the game which include plat forms which glide in the air, dangerous oppositions and mysteries to solve.


Freeze It game review

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, but do not have the ‘Freeze it” on your device, then you are sadly missing out. ‘Freeze It’ is a fun-filled game that infuses in it the spirit of learning.

The Freeze It app was developed by Noiz Studios. The App was launched for free on October 28, 2013. The version available currently is the first of its kind. This version, v1. 0, is available for usage at present.

Picnic Wars game review

Picnic Wars is a game of fortress destruction where the player will assume the character of a fruit or a vegetable and attempt to demolish the oppositions building.

This is achieved by throwing a variety of items at the castles in an attempt to cause chaos and devastation. If I am honest I can not see how the subject of a picnic relates much to the content of the game but on account of how crazy the game is I did not dwell on this too much.


Waking Mars game review

The player must take charge of the central character named Dr Liang who has a rocket pack. His goes is to investigate the caves and coves of the red planet, Mars, with the assistance of his back up company.

This is not a battle game as such, but more of a game of accumulation in which the player must accumulate seeds for the wide variety of vegetation in an attempt to increase the biomass within each level in order to destroy barricade.

Kitten Sanctuary game review

The game revolves around the story taking place on “Kitten Island”. The player must participate through numerous stages in order to save 50 kittens which have been taken by extra terrestrials.

On each stage the player must have couple three articles, and it transpires that these articles are in fact articles of special ability which collate on the game. The aim of the game is similar to pairs.


Polymer game review

As with a majority of games which come under the puzzle genre they come with the impression the impression that the game is only entertaining if it is to be played in accordance to a strict list of criteria.

Whilst this game is not intended specifically for children, it only has one request and that is a shape within the game must not have incomplete sides or it can not be considered to be a shape.

Burnout Crash game review

Players may be familiar with the name of this game as it already exists in a format made for the console which features heavily on a mode of game play involving damage and combat with vehicles.

It has been tinkered around with so game play is suitable for the iOS, but controls and commands are very similar, and actually game works better on iPhone and iPad.


Frenzy Pop game review

The game is certainly one which has a lot to take in. Within this review we will see what fizzes away in the game and bubbles to the surface and if anything in this platform game needs to be popped.

To complete the stages you must become an expert and faultlessly go from move to move. You must jump on a blade, spin through burrows, and switch from drifting and dropping by the use of Pop Power in sporadic blasts so you don’t go so fast and lance yourself on one of the blades.

Zombie Farm 2 game review

In this game the player becomes the character of a farmer whose job it is to sow and grow plants as well as Zombies. This is quite an intelligent game and certain aspects of it can be compared to Farmville.

The game begins with a quick lesson on how the game works and then the player is provided with a small plot of land. From this they are required to grow a zombie and then proceed to attack a neighbouring farm.


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