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Roach Smasher game review

Squishing bugs. Squishing more bugs.

Squishing even more bugs! This is essentially the premise of Cocky Roach HD. While you are squishing bugs, you also have to be careful not to break the glass for which the bugs are crawling on, i. e. your iPad screen.

CrazyCargo! game review

CrazyCargo is a real fun puzzle game where you are responsible as a port worker for the unloading of containers.

In five horizontally lined spaces you need to place colored containers and try to stack them in a match-three gameplay: If you've stacked at least 3 containers in a row, these will disappear from the display, you get points on your account and new space for additional containers gets freed.


Little Acorns game review

Little Acorns may seem like a very child friendly game, with its main character being a father squirrel on a mission to find enough acorns to keep his family alive till the next year, but in essence it has enough run and jump action to keep even the most seasoned gamer entertained for quite a few hours.

The game takes place through four seasons, and that is the time you have to complete the levels and collect enough acorns to feed his family.

League of Evil 2 game review

One could definitely say that video games have evolved over the last decades, as new technologies and new trends have come to the forefront of the scene. Things come and things go.

One of the types of games that have all but disappeared from the main score of released games is the platformer. Thankfully, due to the iPhones quick rise in gaming popularity, they are making somewhat of a comeback.


iFile Browser game review

Cairo, Egypt - Beleela, an emerging mobile solutions developer, is excited today to announce the launch of iFile Browser onto the App Store.

Compatible the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this practical mobile management utility gives users the power to access, organize, and edit any and all files and docs stored on their device as well as everything in their cloud storage accounts through a single intuitive hub!

Happy Geese game review

With a design that is suited for young children and children with special needs, Happy Geese allows families to play board games together on their iPad.

The first thing you see when starting Happy Geese is a menu with two panels that correspond to the two games included in the app: Snakes and Ladders and the Game of the Goose.


Country Life game review

Country Life is a virtual farming app for iPhone and iPad that gives you the ability to build, manage, and grow your own farm.

Part love story, part 3D game, this game puts you in the shoes of young boy who goes out to the Thai countryside to prove that he is worthy of the love of his life, Tida. The game starts off with a short comic strip showing a dialogue between Tida and Derek, the character you play as.

Crazy Pandas game review

Crazy Pandas is a funny and pretty bloody action game.

You fight against somehow cute, yet deadly pandas that invade you on the parachutes. Your job is to shoot them using a wide collection of weapons (like shotgun or AK47). If you'll let a single panda land on the ground - the game is finished, because the panda snipers are deadly accurate and shoot you the moment they touch the ground.


Blockis Pro game review

Blockis is a game that requires brain and fast reaction.

When you play Blockis, blocks of different sizes falls down and your mission is to stuff them to form horizontal rows. Recognise this game? Yes, it may seem like Tetris™ at first but when you play you will quickly notice the difference. Blockis has only three forms; they are horizontal and portrait blocks. They fall quickly and settle on the bottom.

Baseball Outs game review

Baseball Outs is a fun game for fans to play when they watch baseball.

A big part of being a baseball fan is thinking about what is going to happen next in the game. Baseball Outs turns thinking about what’s going to happen next into a game by letting fans predict the players who will record outs during an inning and compete against their friends.


Alone in the tower game review

Looking for a challenge that takes you to the adrenaline filled edge of survival instincts?

Then "Alone in the tower" is the game for you. There will be many fierce battles and loads of close call situations for you to get through. Alone in the tower is an action packed survival game that gives the tower defence genre a new spin by placing you into the tower.

Last Match game review

If you really want to pass the time playing a truly fun game, that is easy to play and offers enough challenge to keep you coming back for more, then you really need to try out a new game that is available for the iPhone called Last Match.

The game premise is quite uncomplicated, but also quite addictive.


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