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Sinky Up - A Deadly Mission

This game is an awesome adventure, the game is about not letting your person die, and keep him alive to not let touch the ground or evil creatures. The game is playable on the Ipod touch and Iphone with an IOS 6.1 or higher.

 Sinky the character needs to be liften up by the person behind the device, it needs to stay high and needs to go to the directions the user wants. He can help Sinky by tapping under him, this is how he stays alive.


Save the Blowfish game review

If you want to test your strategy and speed skills in a fun way, let me give you Save the Blowfish.

This is a really fun game that will keep you having fun all the way. Here´s the background of the game. There is this nice blowfish. The big bad gangster fish wants to eat him so he needs your desperate help. What is the main purpose of the game?: Keep the blowfish within the corals.


15 Mar 2014

Soulless game review

Soulless is an app for gamers who love horror, intense fighting, and shooting, scary character and fabulous graphical engineering, quality games play on iPhone, iPad and even in iPod touch.

When I was telling, most of the people would’ve realized that, Soulless is not for the kids’ below 12, it is for +12 and definitely not for the faint hearted I can tell it as I have experienced it.


23 Sep 2013

Xpozer game review

How about you are given a chance to be a rocket man and you need to face the enemies that are constantly coming in your way to stop you from reaching your destination and also get more and more coins?

This is what Xposer gives you. Another lovely game by the Zilliar, this one isn’t an ordinary game. There are millions of games available in the app store but I can bet you cannot find a game like this.

Ninja Guy HD game review

Do you like fighting games for the iPad?

Were you an addict of Mortal Kombat gameplay? Do you want to be entertained for hours on end? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will be pleasantly surprised with a game for the iPad that is now available on the iTunes Store. The game is called Ninja Guy Free, and as the name suggests, it is the free first chapter of the paid Ninja Guy game.

Killer Snake game review

Killer snake a free iOS game which is all about the snakes, this is designed for all the snake lovers and freaks.

Killer snake puts focus on the need for anti-venom by asking players with nerves of steel to help collect it from the deadliest snakes on Earth. All over the world 145,000 players have joined the hunt.

Epic Defense TD 2 - the Wind Spells game review

Epic defense 2 is, as you'd expect, a tower defense game.

It has everything you could ask to a game of this kind and the same flaws as well. In addition, its price is reasonable, the game is clean and there are a ton of playable levels. Graphics are nice and sound is fair. Animations are rather poor, what we could consider usual at defense games. It has another remarkable twist.

Brotherhood of Violence game review

Brotherhood of Violence is a 3D fighting 'brawler' game, similar to classic arcade game like Final Fight or Double Dragon.

You are a former member of a Brotherhood, a gang of assassins and martial arts experts. Now the mysterious Big Boss, a dangerous man with incredible powers, kidnapped your Brother.

Alone in the tower game review

Looking for a challenge that takes you to the adrenaline filled edge of survival instincts?

Then "Alone in the tower" is the game for you. There will be many fierce battles and loads of close call situations for you to get through. Alone in the tower is an action packed survival game that gives the tower defence genre a new spin by placing you into the tower.

Iron Run

03 Feb 2014

Iron Run game review

If you are looking for some good fun with a racing adventure game, then a new offering on the iTunes store called Iron Run may be just for you.

This is a game filled with action packed adventure that will challenge your iPhone and iPad game playing abilities. Your mech will continue to run through the maze world along a roadway that presents these obstacles every few seconds.

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